10 Ways to Pay Less For Your Car Insurance

How to Pay Less For Your Car Insurance


Everyone knows that car insurance is expensive. Unfortunately, that is not likely to change. So, what can be done about it? There are ways a person can decrease their auto insurance factors and pay less. This article will touch on ten of those ways. Your insurance agent probably won’t bring them up, so you will need to. The objective of this piece is to arm you with questions to ask of him or her.

1. Avoid Paying for Unnecessary Components

What does this mean? It is possible you have an old policy that does not really apply to your current vehicle. Perhaps parts of it are no longer needed, yet they are adding to your bill. Set up an appointment with your insurance agent to go over your policy. There may be changes to make that will lower your bill.

2. Drive a Less Expensive Auto

Do you really need that luxurious brand of car or pick-up truck?  With so many makers on the scene today, surely you can find one that is cheaper. Within the same brand there are specific models which cost less. Choose one of those. For instance, if you have a family, consider a minivan or a smaller SUV. These factors can cause your insurance bill to be less costly.  

3. Stay Away from the Larger Firms

A larger well-known insurance company is apt to be more costly than a local smaller company. Not only that, they are typically more flexible when it comes to how your policy is structured. Do an Internet search to find smaller insurance agents near you. Then talk to them. Spend a lot of time discussing your needs and things to omit. You can save money.

4. Ask about Safe Driver Discounts

There are several types of safe driver discounts. They can include long periods without tickets or accidents. In addition, it can be a series of classes you took or safety features on your car. Your insurance broker might not bring this up, so do not forget to ask him or her. The savings can add up substantially.  

5. Continue to Drive Safely

We just touched upon safe driver discounts. In order to get and maintain those discounts, you need to continue to practice safe driving habits. Do not speed, do not tailgate, do not run red lights or stops signs. Certainly, there are scores of good driving techniques you can follow.  In short, the more safely you perform, the less likely your insurance payments will skyrocket.  

6. Consider Switching Jobs to a Less Risky One

Believe it or not, your occupation could be causing higher premiums.  In fact, careers where you make a lot of road trips, or those in delivery jobs, mean you drive your car more. Maybe a desk job in the same firm is available; or, consider changing companies. Indeed, insurance brokers do pay attention to those aspects and factor them into your premiums.  

7. Adjust Your Policy if Your Car is Older

This is something you might not realize. Older cars don’t need the same coverage as when they were new. The anti-theft part is not as critical, nor is a large emphasis on collision coverage. It is time to sit down with your agent and discuss this. You may be entitled to policy component reductions which result in cheaper fees.  

8. Covering Your Teenage Driver

Like it or not, insurance companies consider teenagers to be high risk drivers. In fact, they are not as experienced behind the wheel and are prone to tickets and accidents. Did you know having them on your policy is cheaper for you? A separate insurance policy for your teen costs far more than including him or her on yours.  

9. Look into Group Insurance

It is entirely feasible that your employer offers group insurance plans. Indeed, sometimes it is through an alumni group or business associations. When you have a free moment at work, ask your boss about it. Maybe some co-workers want to join this group. There may be significant savings on your policy fees.

10. Stay with Your Insurance Company for Awhile

Companies like it when you are a long-time client of theirs. If you’ve been paying your bills on time and staying clear of problems, they could be more inclined to try to save you money. They also might be more forgiving if you are late on a payment now and then. Although you don’t want to make a habit of that, longevity with a firm could earn that.  


In conclusion, as you have just read, there are numerous steps you can take to lower your auto insurance costs. This is merely a few of them, there are scores more. As time progresses, additional savings tricks might also be discovered. Remember to check back right here for other articles and periodic updates.


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