24 Ideas for Investing Money in Extraordinary Investments

Investing Money

Nowadays, a great variety of original and extraordinary investments have appeared to place one’s money. This allows you to diversify your investment portfolio and reduce your risk.

In this article, we will first draw your attention to some precautions to take before embarking on unusual investments. Then we will show you the main existing investments today. Finally, we will end by summarizing all the ideas presented in a summary table.

Some precautions

Non-traditional investments are generally considered by the Financial Markets Regulator as “atypical” investments. Therefore, when you embark on this type of investment, you do not have the protection of the regulation of the markets as you will through an approved financial institution.

To cope with this, we recommend you to be well informed about the intermediary who offers you the investment and also to verify the reality of the assets offered by the investment on the market. However, never invest more than 10% of your financial wealth in outstanding investments.

Pleasure investments


Investing in jewelry is a safe bet because it does not represent a speculative market. However, we do not recommend buying new jewelry as it can lose up to 50% of its value. Therefore, opt for antique jewelry and diamonds if you want to invest in jewelry.

  • Diamonds: will always have value whatever happens. However, to buy a certified and sealed diamond, you have to look for a wholesaler, a diamond dealer or a gemstone dealer.
  • Old jewelery: is the one people are looking for the most in the market because it is those who will see their value increase over time. Privilege gold jewelry! Silver and gold plated are reselling very hard.

Pieces of art

We recommend that you opt for works created by contemporary artists listed. To do this, you can seek advice from a gallerist or a trusted expert.

  • The paintings have been very successful for more than a decade. However, you have to be a true connoisseur in this area to identify artists with high potential for the future. Also, in this area, we do not advise you to buy your works on the internet. Instead, opt for auctions or art galleries and remember to keep the invoice and all documents relating to the purchased painting.
  • The sculptures are part of a market that seems complicated but is very promising. However, we advise you to buy your sculpture from a specialist (auction house or art gallery) to be sure of its originality and authenticity. Think again to keep the certificate of authenticity of the work.
  • The manuscripts do not have an official symbol. You must estimate the price of the chosen work yourself. Head for specialized bookstores and choose rare manuscripts that are in good condition.
  • Comic strips seduce more and more amateurs and collectors thanks to the incredible profitability that can be done. Take the example of Tintin, the original drawing of the front page was sold at 2.5 million euros.
  • Art photography is an expanding field that is still very affordable. However, it must be taken by an artist and shot under 30 copies under his control!

The watches

The watch market is also booming. In order not to be mistaken, you must learn about the conditions of the prestigious brands and make sure to always keep the watch in an irreproachable state. A simple scratch can cost you a lot when reselling.

Vintage cars

Collector cars represent pleasure placement par excellence. In addition, the car market has been booming for several years. However, we advise you to opt for old models from the British and American brands. Make sure the vehicle is in good general condition and has low mileage.


Investing in prestige wine bottles is a good way today to invest your money differently. Despite this, we must remain cautious because it is an economic market that responds to the law of supply and demand.

Racing horses

Owning a racehorse will allow you to enrich yourself in three different ways:

  • Through the race winnings if your horse wins (so choose a horse with a good pedigree);
  • Through breeding;
  • Via a resale of the horse at a price higher than that of the purchase.

The stamps

It’s an investment that has been growing in revenue for over a century. However, to ensure a good income, it is necessary to collect old stamps, rare and in good condition.

Original investments

We have selected five original investments below to invest your money:

Real estate abroad

Several parts of the world are still very accessible and have a very impressive potential for expansion and value growth. Beautiful capital gains can be achieved in this area. However, we advise you to:

  • get help from a specialist in this area;
  • to learn about the law and the jurisdiction of the country concerned regarding the purchase of a property by a foreigner;
  • Choose a stable country or region of the world such as the United States, Portugal or Mauritius.

Precious metals

What is good about precious metals is that their value can never be zero. They always keep some strong value whatever the economic conditions of the market are.

  • Gold: is considered a safe haven in times of economic crisis. However, we advise you to favor physical gold, which has a certain value, rather than paper gold;
  • Physical money: has increased since the beginning of this second millennium and is considered a good investment in the medium and long term, even if it is still less interesting than gold;
  • Renewable energies: It is a field of investment for the future because energy consumption at the international level will increase by 40% within 20 years. In this case, renewable energies offer incredible potential.
  • Cinema: Cinema is an industry that consumes and therefore needs a lot of money. If you want to invest in this area, opt for Sofica or Tepa in France. Sofica (Film and Audiovisual Financed Companies) collect the savings of private investors to direct them towards the production of cinematographic or televised works, in exchange for a tax reduction. As for the TEPA law, it makes it possible to invest directly in production companies.
  • Woods and forests: Many investors are attracted by the forest sector because it is booming due to the rising price of wood. Moreover, no speculative bubbles are formed in this area. In addition, there are many groups that offer you the opportunity to invest in woods and forests at a lower cost (from 10,000 euros).

Investments that are useful and supportive

Many investors want to invest their money in ways that benefit their society and the environment around them. we offer in this part three useful and supportive placements:

Agricultural land and farms

Farmland and farms are an excellent long-term investment. In addition, it concerns a real asset capable of creating value and spinning the economic wheel. And with the growth of the current population, the need for food will only increase over time.

The cows

Investing in dairy cows is a market that does not require a lot of funds at the start, and that pays a lot. Indeed, you will invest in dairy cows, then you will rent them to breeders who will ensure all the management. In return, the farmer recovers the milk and the offspring. Although it is a liquid product, cows are a fast-growing market.

Loans between individuals

Loans between individuals, also known as crowdlending, consist of lending money as an investor to other individuals as part of the development of a project, in exchange for agreed interest at the outset. It is also an investment that has risen sharply in recent years. The remuneration varies between 2% and 5% per year.

The reasoned investments

There is a certain category of investors who do not want to take risks, and who will instead opt for investments that follow the reason. Below, we have selected for you the three main reasoned investments:

  • The life estate: Real estate is generally the most reasonable investment that can be made. Real estate in life allow  to buy a property at a value lower than the market, which makes this investment very interesting. In short, an elderly person sells you his house in return for a life annuity, possibly retaining the right to live there until his death. It is therefore an investment that is related to the life of others.
    If you choose this investment, we advise you to do it when you are young, and to do it with a not too old owner not to have to pay expensive rent;
  • Commercial real estate: Commercial real estate, also known as “store walls”, is also a very interesting investment with high profitability because often the charges are the responsibility of the tenant. The only drawback is that these small shops located at the foot of the buildings usually cost a bit because of the supply that remains low compared to the demand;
  • Parking spaces: The parking spaces represent a very good investment at affordable prices. The yield is often close to 10% per year. In addition, it is an investment with very low loads and does not require much maintenance.


Finally, we have listed below all the investments mentioned in this article by giving you an idea of the profitability they generate, the risks incurred by each of them and the liquidity that each of these investments represents on the market.


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