4 ways to make money on instagram

How to make money on instagram

Just like blogs and Youtube, Instagram counts more and more subscribers wishing to monetize their accounts by regularly publishing their photos and some aspects of their daily lives.Thus, they are building a committed audience on which they have some influence . This is why they are called “influencers”.

Some instagram influencers who have a proper audience make a living from that.

The importance of the audience

With an audience of 200 subscribers, you will not be able to do much. Generally, you need a minimum audience of 5000 real subscribers to be able to speak about influencer as such. Beware of fake followers that are worthless in your audience because they will never interact with your publications. So, do not buy followers on apps or websites.

Clearly, the higher the engagement level of your audience, the more brands will be interested in your account and the better you will pay for your services.

In this article we will show you some ways to make money as an influencer.

Collaboration with brands in the context of sponsored publications

You should know that brands are not only interested in the number of subscribers who follow you, but what interests them the most is the confidence your audience has in you and the interaction you have together.

Generally, the services that interest brands are the creation of one or more publications or even an entire campaign with the influencer, who will receive:

  • a certain income agreed between the two parties, or
  • a product, trip or free service, or
  • the two previous options at once.

To give you an idea of ​​the income that the influencer can have in this case, know that it varies between 150 euros and more than 1000 euros if your audience is important and really committed.

When you already have a large audience, you will not have a hard time making yourself known to brands. They will contact you without any effort on your part. However, when you have just started, it is a bit difficult to make yourself known. In this case, you can opt for influence marketing platforms to tie with brands. Among these platforms, we cite you: Influence4brands, Ifluenz, BandyouLike, Natividi and Reech.


While the goal of collaboration is to increase the reputation of the brand, affiliate is selling a product in exchange for a commission.

Typically, the brand provides the influencer with a traceable link or promotional code that will track sales from the influencer. For each sale, the latter receives a commission of 10, 20 or even 30%. With this practice, the influencer must be more involved because a sale must take place to be paid.

Here too, several affiliate platforms exist and make it easier for you to contact brands such as Clickbank, RewardStyle or the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Opening an own online store

Influencers are very well placed to create a profitable business of their own. Indeed, they already have a large audience and many fans who can become future customers. Indeed, if an influencer has a good interaction with his audience, it will be easy for him to know what it likes and so can offer it.

Indeed, the influencer has several choices:

  • create his own brand (cosmetics, jewelry, clothes or other)
  • create a printing service on demand (T-shirts, cushions, coffee cups, etc.)
  • offer photography or consulting services
  • sell trainings or e-books.

We recommend that you opt for applications like Four Sixty or Showcase to directly sell your products from an instagram feed integrated into your website.

The sale of photos

You can consider the photos you take and share yourself on instagram as digital goods that can be purchased under license, or printed on products, etc. If this is your wish, we inform you that several platforms exist where you can expose your photos as 500px or Twenty20. Thus, interested parties will have to pay a license to get one or more of your photos.


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