5 ways to increase your Google Adsense earnings

How to increase your Google Adsense earnings

Often, when we start with Google Adsense, we have a low cost per click (CPC) and therefore a low income, which discourages us and hinders us in the advancement of our website. However, be aware that a low income can be explained either by a decrease in the payments of the advertisers, or by a bad strategy on your part.

In this article, we will introduce some tips that will allow you to increase your Google Adsense earnings.

Optimize the speed of your website

The time your website or blog will take to load is a big thing for Google. Indeed, the Internet giant favors sites whose loading speed does not take more than two seconds. These will then have a good natural referencing and a good visitor experience.

In fact, the loading time of a website is essential to keep a visitor on your site and not lose so a chance that it will press one of your adsense ads.

To improve the performance of your website or blog, we recommend that you first analyze your site using one of the following tools: Pingdom tool, GTmetrix or PageSpeed ​​Insights.

In addition, you should know that, generally, the main reason for the slowness of a site is its poor optimization. Three things can be at the root of this problem:

  • the use of multiple scripts,
  • poorly optimized images (in this case, we recommend the Shortpixel tool),
  • a bad server.

In order to optimize the loading time of your website, we will present the main recommendations that you must follow:

  • Choose a good host,
  • Decrease the number of scripts,
  • Optimize your images via Shortpixel or WP SMush.it for example,
  • Optimize your javascript and CSS codes,
  • Opt for a theme that loads quickly,
  • Use Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Target keywords with a high CPC

You should know that the small Google Adsense computer code allows you to scan each page of your site containing the code to identify the main keywords used. And based on these keywords, Google will display targeted advertising to reach the maximum of your users.

On the other hand, through Google Adwords, advertisers have paid Google a certain amount per keyword to place their ads on your site. This is the amount that Google will share with you when one of your visitors clicks on an Adsense ad.

As a result, for some specific keywords, advertisers are willing to pay Google very expensive. These are the keywords that you need to identify and use in your content because they have a higher cost-per-click (CPC). Thus, you will need few visitors clicking on Adsense ads to get a significant Adsense income.

In general, the CPC varies between 1 euro cent and 10 euros.

Place 6 Adsense ads per page maximum

Before, Google Adsense had a limit for the number of ads placed on a website. But recently, the internet giant has removed this limit from its regulation. However, it is strongly discouraged to exceed 6 Adsense ads per page to not disturb or scare your visitor. Plus, which says fewer ads, says an increase in CPC.

In addition, you can also opt for the Adsense Auto Ads solution. This is based on the performance and experience that Google has acquired over the years by analyzing millions of websites to place Adsense ads where Google believes to be the best. This is done automatically by Google once you have integrated the computer code Adsense on your page. This practice is usually successful in boosting your Adsense income.

Improve the click rate (CTR) of an internet site

The click rate is the ratio of the number of clicks collected on a link for 100 impressions or link views. A high click rate allows you to improve both the number of pages viewed per user and the bounce rate of your site. Below we will show you some tips to increase your CTR:

  • Place ads at the top of the page: This is a trend tested and validated by a large number of webmasters because, arrived on your site, users first look at what is placed at the top of the site.
  • The bigger an item, the more clicked it will be: Make sure the links or areas you want people to click on are visible on your site.
  • Choose a color that goes well with your site’s design: It is necessary that the Adsense links present colors which integrate perfectly with those of the graphic charter of your Internet site. This will push the user to click.
  • Avoid losing the link: Do not integrate too much the ad’s link in your content so as not to drown it and make it invisible to the user. Test multiple locations then rate the best, or opt, as mentioned above, for Adsense Auto Ads.
  • Privilege the click intent area: It is the location where the user is more likely to click, such as the navigation area or at the bottom of an article. Again, if you choose Adsense Auto Ads, you do not have to worry about this.
  • Use numbers in your titles and meta-description: Internet users will be more interested in a title like “5 tips to optimize your site” rather than “some tips to optimize your site”.

Filter the ads to display

If you find that some Adsense ads are not suitable for your visitors or have low revenue performance (so low CPC), you can block them to boost your Adsense earnings.

To do this, simply go to Adsense and in the left column, click on “Allow and block ads”. Then click on “General Categories” and sort by percentage of revenue. Finally, block ads that do not generate revenue. Be careful, stay alert and do not block too many categories at the risk of condemning your income.


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