7-day car insurance

7-day car insurance


Is your first time you get a brand new car? We recommend at least a 7-day car insurance if you are learning how to drive. It is an amazing and exciting experience.Turning the key and getting behind the wheel will put a smile on the driver’s face if they are driving a new car for the very first time.

Once you’ve signed the required paperwork, the car is all yours.  Obviously, The first thing you will want to do is to test your new car out for a spin, but doing that could end up in trouble.

In case you are waiting for a new annual policy to begin, or just need time to discover the best insurance quote for your new car. You have a 7-day car insurance service for your car, so you can check multiple options and decide what is the best quote without any pressure.

7- day car insurance for your car

New car cover is available for 7- day car insurance, in this way you can drive your new car home faster and take your time while you choose an annual policy. This flexibility means that something like driving holidays could fit perfect for this type of coverage.

7- day car insurance like this is not only flexible but also amazingly quick to arrange. Getting a quote is kinda easy. It requires some basic driver’s information and also vehicle information.

Coverage can begin right away after acquiring it, to prevent waiting around policy documents are emailed to you after getting the insurance service. That’s why a 7-day car insurance is so handy if you are an impulsive buyer.

As any other standalone policy, it won’t affect any existing policy, nor any ‘No Claims Discount’ you’ve been accumulating. This is helpful because you will be buying an annual cover in the immediate future.

When you get a 7-day car insurance you will enjoy:

  • Quick quotes
  • Instant cover
  • A range of policies to compare
  • Comprehensive cover
  • A separate policy with no impact on your No Claims Discount
  • Flexible durations to suit your needs

7-day car insurance when buying a car from a dealer

If you are buying a new car, you will need an car insurance policy in order to get it off the forecourt. You may find that the car dealer wants to offer you a 7-day car insurance that will usually last 5-7 days.

This offer can be good for many, but usually  it is often inflexible and quite expensive. This means that you will probably have to pay extra coverage for things that you don’t want.

With the upcoming trend of buying vehicles online through websites like Gumtree and eBay, some  private sellers can’t offer you any type or insurance for a new car. 

It is probable that you may not be aware of the history and register of the car and in case you have a breakdown or an accident. Having a 7-day car insurance can be really helpful.

To get comprehensive cover for the time you need, a 7-day car insurance policy is cheapest and often the easiest solution.

How much is 7-day car insurance worth?

For many new drivers, getting a 7-day car insurance policy can save you time and also can save you money.

Driving a car without insurance means that if you are caught by the police you will have to pay a high cost of fines and recover vehicles and also put you in risky situations against other drivers..

Like most insurance policies, the overall cost of a 7-day car car insurance policy is dependent on some things. From your occupation to the car you want to ensure, the price you pay for 7-day car insurance can differ depending on the driver’s unique situation.

Generally a 7-day car insurance quotes start from $80 a week to $110 but this is custom rate that changes from driver to driver

Why should I get a 7- day car insurance?

A 7-day car insurance is designed for customers who need temporary car insurance from 1 hour to 7days. This can be perfect and convenient if you need to drive a car only for a short period. 

A 7-day car insurance can be needed for certain circumstances, including the following:

  • To test drive a new car;
  • Using someone else’s car for a trip of business;
  • Borrowing a van model to move house;
  • You are a student that borrows a parent’s car to transport your things to college or university;
  • You are driving a family’s member car or a friend’s car but you need a short-term cover policy;
  • Do you want to organize a road trip but you want to share the driving;
  • You are borrowing a campervan for a festival or holidays season;
  • You are in-between annual car insurance policies and you need to extend the coverage for a short time;
  • You’re car sharing with a friend for a short while and you need to drive their car


  • Like most temporary car insurance policies it could be quite expensive, depending on your age, driving history or the state where you live;
  • Like other temporary car insurances, it doesn’t fully cover you, in terms of services for your car. It just covers some basics;
  • Drivers won’t be able to fix their cars after a collision;
  • Insurance companies will cover the damage on other’s properties, passengers, drivers and cars. If the policyholder only has a liability coverage. This Liability coverage generally does not cover the costs to repair the policyholder’s damaged vehicle instead;
  • Drivers can remain without their cars after a claim;
  • Drivers that have a 7-days car insurance are more likely to remain without a car after filing a claim;
  • Bad customer service;
  • Some insurers will offer better customer support to persons that have expensive policies compared to those that have only a 7-day car insurance. Despite this it doesn’t sound that bad, but when you need to claim an insurer the customer support will be affected and usually will give you bad service;
  • High deductibles.


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