Allstate Home Insurance Review 2020

There are tons of home insurance companies available in the world when we think about the best ones; only a few come to our minds. These are the companies, but they don’t guarantee you that when you purchase coverage from these companies, you will be able to work with them directly. For example, Progressive Home Insurance company provides insurance coverage to people all over the world via third parties. There are a lot of associates that work on behalf of Progressive. These companies take care of the insurance policies. 

Allstate Insurance is a company that has been playing a massive role in the industry for quite a long time. It is, indeed, one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. It has a lot of offers to its customers. This company is a great one when it comes to providing discounts to its customers. Besides, Allstate does not come with any third-party underwriters like other companies. As a result, you get to make a deal directly with Allstate. There is a series of standard homeowners insurance policies that you can avail of with this company. The plans may include property, dwelling, liability, etc. Moreover, you get the chance to include optional coverage so that your desired policies synchronize with your specific needs. 

Various research and reviews show that Allstate provides better customer service to its customers, which ranges from the average level of service in the industry. Therefore, if you are one of those persons who is looking for top-notch customer service, Allstate might be your one-stop insurance company. On top of that, this company comes with a lot of discounts that will help you save on your policy. The website and the mobile app are so convenient and user-friendly that you will get an instant solution if you have any questions regarding your insurance policy. 

Allstate Home Insurance Factors

To determine whether Allstate home insurance company is a good one or a bad one for you, you have to consider a few factors. Below we talk about a few factors such as the pricing, customer experience, coverage, etc. so that you can be sure if they are going to make a good deal for you. Let’s get started.


The cost of the policies is something that everyone looks for at first hand whenever they reach a company to insure their property. The cost of policies that come with Allstate home insurance company is different for each individual situation. The premiums will be determined based on the state where you live, your age and condition, and other features that are interlinked with your home. Allstate offers you a range of financial considerations, including the deductible you pick, the history of your claims, the value of your home, etc. Contacting an Allstate agent for a personalized quote is the best way to understand how much it might cost you for the policies. Allstate’s Premium Gauge is a tool that you can find on Allstate’s website, utilizing which will give you a general idea of your premium. 

Customer Service

Reports show that the satisfaction that customers have towards Allstate is above the line of average. In fact, with J.D. Power Property Claims Satisfaction Survey, Allstate scored 882, which is a single point above the industry average. You can easily navigate the features of Allstate on their website. The information is thoroughly laid out. Besides, you have a section of tools and resources that will surely come in handy when you need specific information. On their app, you can take care of your policies, pay the bills, keep track of claims, and even acquire roadside assistance. Furthermore, Allstate offers you a Digital Locker with which you can create an inventory of household items. This way, you can file a claim more conveniently. 


Allstate has a range of homeowners policies for you, such as dwelling, liability, personal property, and also some other add-on features that will help you to get your desired coverage for your home. Likewise, you can add coverage for identity theft, reimbursement for eco-friendly renovations, water backup, and many more. You also get to include a range of non-standard insurance such as flood insurance – if you live in a place that is prone to storms, HostAdvantage – if you are sharing your home, and a personal umbrella policy – if you reach your policy’s liability limit. This enables you to pay the money from your own pocket; you don’t have to put your hand in any other account for this. All things considered, the coverage can easily be customized with all your needs over the course. 

Deals and Discounts

When you reach Allstate to renew your policies, you get a 10% discount. Not only this, the new and loyal customers also get a 10% discount from the company. Installing protective devices will also let you save money over the long haul. If your age is over 55 years, you can also get a discount from Allstate. If you are buying a home for the first time, the discount is also available for you. People who organize automatic payments can likewise get the advantage of discounts. However, if you contact an agent and discuss the discounts broadly, it will help you determine what discounts you will be able to acquire. 

Financial Strength and Availability of Allstate Home Insurance

For over 80 years, Allstate has been playing its enormous role in the industry. Its vast popularity says it all. Among hundreds of major insurance companies, Allstate is the third most famous one in the world, reported YouGov. 45% of American Citizens choose Allstate over other insurance companies. Undoubtedly, the financial strength that Allstate holds is a perfect one. 

Over To You

There are a lot of benefits that you can boast of by making your deal with Allstate home insurance company. Especially if you are a newcomer, it’s a plus point for you. The discounts and the flexibility that you have from the company are outstanding. It has the policy that you need with your specific requirements. Above we demonstrated each underlying detail of Allstate insurance company, which might be all that you need to look at. If you are a homeowner looking for superior, top-of-the-line customer experience, Allstate might be the only company you are looking for. 


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