Compare car insurance

Compare auto insurance

Hiring insurance for your car is really easy and you only need the following details to compare car insurance. It is better that you have the necessary info at hand to agilize the process:

  • Details to compare car insurance
    The car’s number plate is useful, but not essential. Please declare any modifications to the car.
  • No-claims bonus (NCB)
    Details of your NCB in years. You can request this from your insurance provider.
  • Details of any other drivers
    You’ll need other drivers’ names and licence details to add them to any policy.
  • Driving licence & convictions
    Type of licence; how long you’ve had it; details of any points or disqualifications from the last 5 years.
  • Previous claims or accidents
    Date, claim cost and accident type for any accidents or claims in the last 5 years.

What are the different types of car insurance available?

When we compare car insurance we have many types of insurance available for any type of customer and needs.

Standard policies for car insurance will usually cover your car for 12 months. The different options available are these:

Multi car insurance

This type of car insurance suits clients that have more than two cars in the family. Multi car insurance bundles all the policies with just one insurer and into a single one so instead of having track of different policies you can have control of just one.

Who can be eligible for this type of insurance?

In short, if there is more than one car in your household or family, then you’re likely to be eligible.

Here are some examples of people who could get a quote:

  • Family home with more than one car;
  • Living together with two or more cars;
  • A couple who live at different addresses but each have a car;
  • A family who have children living away (but still US residents) where the children have their own car.

Compare car insurance is something we need to clarify that there are some more types of insurance to consider depending on what we need in terms of insurance.

Temporary car insurance

Compare car insurance leads us to temporary car insurance. This type of car insurance is generally a cheaper and more flexible option than buying a new policy, or amending an existing one.

An alternative to a 12 month policy, it’s a short term car insurance solution for daily tasks like a trip to emergencies or the supermarket where someone may need to borrow your car but they’re not covered by your existing insurance policy.

Who might be eligible for temporary car insurance?

  • Car enthusiasts: If you own a sports car or a convertible that’s used as a second car, you might be interested in taking out weekend insurance to cover you for a short period of time. 
  • Learner drivers : If you’re learning to drive and only have time to fit in lessons, taking out insurance as and when you need it could be cheaper than taking out a full length policy.
  • Young drivers : If you’re aged under 21, don’t have your own car but have access to a relative or friend’s car, you may want to take out a short insurance policy to cover you whilst on holiday from a festival or just go to the university.
  • Driveaway insurance : If you want to test drive a car before you buy, or you’ve just bought a car. You may want cover until you can acquire a long term insurance policy.

In this compare car insurance we can also find the classic car insurance.

Classic car insurance

Classic and vintage cars are more than old cars. They are a passion, a hobby and treasure, which is why they often need classic car insurance policies to protect them against increased theft risk or any damage.

If your car is deemed as a classic car then you can often receive reductions in your policy to compare car insurance price as:

The insurer generally presumes you will be doing less mileage in the car.

Most people who drive a classic car maintain it to a higher standard. They may also store it in a secure location (some insurers will confirm this).

It’s important to specify that quotes you get from insurers through  this portal will offer standard cover for the car at its current market value (usually this value could be less than the market value). 

However some of the insurers compare car insurance quotes from different companies, do offer specialised classic car policies that cover the car for their true value as a classic (also known as agreed value cover).

If it is an agreed value cover you’re after, once you’ve got a quote, talk to your insurer to see if it can be added to your policy. 

Adding agreed value cover to a policy could increase your compare car insurance  premium and may incur additional charges, but can offer a level of cover tailored specifically for your car.

Depending on the insurer company, you may also be offered the following additional options:

  • Breakdown cover;
  • Protection for legality;
  • Laid up cover (for when your vehicle is off the road);
  • Discounts for limited mileage.

In case that you have any doubt, make sure to check the small print and the value of your policy before you compare car insurance quotes from different companies and buy.

Business car insurance

A standard car policy will cover you for domestic use and commuting back and forth to work.

If you use your car for travelling to travel across the country for business or several different offices, you will need to take out a free auto insurance quotes comparison company for car insurance policy.

Getting your car covered for business use isn’t as straightforward as taking out a standard domestic or social policy. 

There are lots of different types and classes available depending on the work you do and what you’re using your car for and to compare automobile insurance quotes.

These examples are:

  • Business use class 1: This is a standard business use policy to cover the policyholder and a named driver working at the same business. This is a basic business policy.
  • Business use class 2 : A policy that works perfect for those driving lots of miles weekly, such as those working in door to door sales. This is suitable for salesman 
  • Business use class 3 : Covers everything included in a standard policy or to compare car insurance premium , as well driving to, covering from and between many sites or places.
    Your spouse is usually covered for this insurance policy, although it is best to check with your insurer to ensure that this applies to the policy.
  • Commercial travelling : May be required if driving is the most important aspect of your job, and you also sell some services and goods. These examples include minicab drivers or instructor drivers.
    It’s important to point out that commercial car insurance does differ from business car insurance.
    Commercial car insurance is focused at those who use their vehicle to work like delivery drivers or taxi drivers.

Because many of these policy types can be complicated and consist of lots of different factors, it is important to check comprehensive car insurance compare.

Car insurance comparisons

compare car insurance

When checking car insurance comparisons you can check different free auto insurance quotes comparison that can be based on the age of the driver in this case.

Car insurance rates for teenage drivers

If you have teenage dependents  or if you’re a teen driver you know insurance is expensive. 

In many cases, adding a teen to your car insurance plan can nearly double your premium. 

Compare car insurance quotes from different companies, State Farm, GEICO, and USAA are the cheapest coverage options for teen drivers.

Compare car insurance premium in a average 6 month premium:

  • USAA: =  1,629$
  • State farm = 1,820$
  • GEICO =  1,835$
  • Nationwide = 2,367$
  • Allstate = 3,607$

Car insurance comparison: Young adult drivers

Turning into the age of 25  is a point for car insurance savings. 

But no matter how much you save, you probably will pay more than you would like. In order to find the cheapest car insurance for 25-year-olds. 

We created a user profile and gathered quote rates from eight popular auto insurance companies to comprehensive car insurance compare:

  • Allstate = $1,117
  • Farmers = $919
  • GEICO = $680
  • Liberty Mutual= $888
  • Nationwide= $794
  • Progressive= $885
  • State Farm= $726
  • USAA = $605

USAA is the cheapest car insurance company for drivers in the age-range of 25 years, but GEICO is a bit expensive. 

Although State Farm and Liberty Mutual are the more expensive options for older drivers. They could end up being highly affordable insurers for many drivers with violations on their records.

While choosing an insurance for you, you should compare car insurance quotes from different companies.

Auto insurance for seniors

Between the ages of 30 and 60, car insurance rates don’t fluctuate much based only on age. 

As you reach your late 50s and 60s, age becomes a more important compare automobile insurance quotes determinant of your rate. 

For a typical senior-aged married couple without children drivers, GEICO and USAA offer the cheapest rates, all other metrics constant.

  • Allstate = $918
  • Farmers =  $713
  • GEICO =  $544
  • Liberty Mutual = $665
  • Nationwide = $626
  • Progressive = $721
  • State Farm = $582
  • USAA = $460

In this category, All state can be the most expensive insurer for seniors and rates from State Farm could be more suitable for this type of customer.

In this portal you can have free auto insurance quotes comparison.

Auto insurance comparison by driving history

Insurance companies use your driving past to determine how you will drive in the future. It can be difficult to find affordable car insurance if you have a bad driving history. 

Depending on your driving history you can compare car insurance premium.

You will find an insurance company that won’t increase your premium after an accident or other violation. Comprehensive car insurance compare the degree of the rate increase will vary by company.

Let’s compare these rate increases for some common violations of major insurance companies.

At-fault accidents and car insurance rates

On average, an at-fault property damage accident will raise your premium by an average of $767 per year. 

Because most insurance providers will charge you for three years after an accident, this $767 increase equates to more than $2,301 in total fees. 

If you’re thinking of filing a claim, consider the overall cost of the claim versus what the claim would cost to pay out-of-pocket. 

Compare this $2,301 penalty — plus your deductible (if applicable) — to the out-of-pocket expense. 

While this is nice information to know before filing a claim, it won’t help if you’ve already filed a claim.

If you have an at-fault accident on your insurance history, consider USAA or State Farm.

Insurance providerNo accidentAfter At-fault accident
Allstate$ 944$ 1,508
Farmers$ 762$ 1,113
GEICO$ 638$ 998
Liberty Mutual$ 823$ 1,179
Nationwide$ 673$ 1,087
Progressive$ 802$ 1,386
State Farm$ 656$ 808
USAA$ 474$ 644

As you can see with these insurance history rates to compare car insurance premiums. State Farm and USAA are the most affordable At- Fault accidents.

Insurance cost comparison after a DUI conviction

In many states, a DUI is one of the most costly violations. In California, a DUI offense can stay on your record marked for your insurance for as long as 10 years. 

Based on our analysis of free auto insurance quotes comparison, this could set you back an average of $1,200 per year in insurance rate increases during that period of years. 

To limit costs, do compare automobile insurance quotes rates. USAA and State Farm are the cheapest insurance options after a DUI. consider starting your free auto insurance quotes comparison.

Insurance providerNo violationAfter DUI/DWI
Allstate$ 944$ 1,817
Farmers$ 762$ 1,316
GEICO$ 638$ 1,323
Liberty Mutual$ 823$ 1,317
Nationwide$ 673$ 1,546
Progressive$ 802$ 1,002
State Farm$ 656$ 987
USAA$ 474$ 876

State Farm and USAA are used to be the cheapest insurance rates in most of the cases when referring to compare automobile insurance quotes.


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