Geico rental car coverage

Geico rental car coverage

GEICO rental car coverage is a service offered by one of the most important insurers in the United States, this name was assumed in the 1930s, more precisely in 1936. Where its founders Philip J. Carlton, Leo Goodwin and his wife Lillian created the company to provide auto insurance to government employees and military personnel. So the meaning of the name is Government Employees Insurance Company GEICO.

In the 1940s, more precisely in 1948, GEICO rental car coverage had the possibility of having one of the greats in the investment world. It greatly favored the insurer and it was the bank investor Lorimer Davinson, which made it possible to find new markets in investors and with this achieve new opportunities for the company

Another important figure in the history of GEICO was David Lloyd Kreeger, who was president of the company during the 60s of the last century, who promoted the company to the preference of the clientele and to satisfactory economic levels.

One of the most essential leaps in time and GEICO’s success as an insurer is the fact that in 1996 it became a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, which was led by one of the most important investors, Warren Buffet. The achievements that have taken place as a result of this interrelation have been masterful, providing GEICO rental car coverage with the financial strength it needed.

GEICO rental car coverage on US

Rental car coverage

GEICO is present in all 50 states of the United States and the District of Columbia and provides its members with the confidence and professionalism, which allows their members to remain. GEICO’s essential marketing work consists of promoting itself in different media. 

On  television or radio and other platforms, Geico has contributed to the interrupted prestige of the insurer for years. GEICO is also present in Miami and the state of Florida where it develops its work in different agencies.

Part of its purpose as a company has been excellent customer service, which has led it to obtain cheap installments and save on auto insurance premiums and at the same time transfer the losses to the insurer. For this reason, GEICO’s philosophy of work in this regard has been maintained for more than 70 years from being founded and carrying out its operations successfully.

About GEICO’s services

GEICO not only provides auto insurance or auto insurance to its members, there are other insurances that are present with affordable policies to any budget; such as home insurance or home insurance, renters insurance, boat or boat insurance, life insurance, motorcycle or motorcycle insurance, as well as umbrella insurance.For all which the possibilities to insure you are maximum, with quotas adapted to any family economy.

Proof of all this is the fact that 11 million policyholders are currently enjoying the services and care of GEICO Insurance, with more than 17 million vehicles insured, a figure that increases every day.

No wonder GEICO is the  largest auto insurer in the United States. For all of which it is one of the fastest growing insurers in the USA, with more than 26,000 employees and 12 main subsidiaries and hundreds of agencies throughout the country.

GEICO’s distinctive elements are the fact of its professionalism and perseverance in dealing with insurers and clients in general, its services are developed in different ways. Through the Internet where its operations are open 24 hours a day, providing immediate access to fees and benefits with a high competitive level in the insurance market. Do not hesitate to contact a certified agency with GEICO and discover why you must choose GEICO to insure your car, your house, your motorcycle or your boat, among other insurance and services.

GEICO’s marketing

One more example of the keys to Neuromarketing is the case of GEICO rental car coverage, a car and motorcycle insurance company in the United States where its owner, Warren Buffett, decided to change the insurance agents for a lizard.

GEICO today is company # 1 in insurance sales, but why? How did this happen? Well, a study was carried out to find out why people preferred GEICO even when it is more expensive, the results were surprising as strange.

In the result of the study it was concluded that people preferred GEICO because the lizard had a tender and pleasant expression This specifically because it had big eyes and a wide forehead and it represents a tender and sweet image, how strange isn’t it ?, and again the emotional factor is presented.

Why should we use GEICO rental car coverage?

Are you looking for excellent car insurance? You have GEICO.

Find out why millions of policyholders choose GEICO as their trusted insurance company to provide exceptional auto insurance that ranges from liability protection to full and comprehensive coverage!

Local GEICO agents are ready to help you get ideal coverage at a good price. With GEICO it is very easy. Just contact us for a quick, free and no obligation quote. With new customers reporting savings of up to $ 500 a year, it’s worth taking a few minutes to discover how much you could save.

Why should you insure yourself with GEICO?

  • 97% customer satisfaction;
  • Easy and convenient payment options that fit your budget;
  • Licensed agents available 24/7;
  • We help you with your property, tenants, and condo insurance;
  • Wide variety of discounts – for military, multiple policies, and more;
  • Coverage for your motorcycle, RV (motorhome), and boat;
  • Roadside assistance at a great price;
  • The GEICO app is easy to use and rated # 1 in the industry.

Types of coverage or policies that GEICO offers

The most important basic coverages included in GEICO auto insurance are:

Civil liability for bodily injury

Covers damages for injuries and death to third parties. IN case of legal dispute it also includes defense expenses.

Medical payments

Protects people inside the insured vehicle against injuries, contributing the payment of medical expenses. In the case of the contracting party, it also protects him if he is affected by an accident without being in the car.

Insured vehicle coverage

It covers damages and injuries to people in the car caused by a vehicle that does not have sufficient protection in its insurance. Some states also offer protection against uninsured vehicles.

Total physical damage

Protects the insured vehicle against damage caused by floods, fire, theft, animals and other causes other than vehicle accidents.


Covers vehicle damage in the event of an accident against another or against various objects.

Civil liability for damage to property

It covers damages caused to the property of third parties as a result of an accident for which it has legal responsibility. In case of lawsuits, it also pays defense expenses.

Some additional coverage to the basic ones are:

  • Emergency services on the road. Current flow, tire changes, towing due to mechanical or electrical failures and locksmith services.
  • Car rent. Reimbursement of the necessary car rental expenses as a result of an accident.
  • Mechanical failure insurance. Among other advantages, it allows you to choose the place of repair to your liking. It also protects against failures in all parts and systems of the car.

Available for cars up to 15 months old with less than 15,000 miles traveled.

Aspects to consider if you want to get geico rental car coverage

Check your auto policy

The insurance that covers your car is the first line of protection to cover a rented vehicle. Which of course gives you basic liability coverage for damages that you could cause to other people with the rental car and to other vehicles and properties.

If you do not own a vehicle, and you don’t have vehicle insurance, you can and should purchase a temporary or annual “non-owner vehicle insurance beneficiary policy”. Such a policy should be reasonably priced.

In order to protect a rented vehicle, your personal insurance must also have collision coverage (which covers damage to your own vehicle due to an accident with another vehicle or object or due to rollover) and / or comprehensive coverage (which covers damage to your vehicle caused by causes other than a crash, such as fire, theft, vandalism, flooding, fallen branches from trees, etc.).

Analyze the benefits of your credit card

Vehicle rental protection benefits are provided by various credit cards instead of the card issuing bank and may vary depending on the type of card.

For example, American Express, MasterCard, and Visa bear the charges for loss of use, as long as the rental company backs them up with evidence of loss. The Discover card explicitly excludes loss of use.

Protection against loss of rental vehicles is not provided by any card, so before purchasing or reserving the rental car, contact the customer service of your card.ake sure that the card you are going to use has such protection , and find out the specific coverage details of all your cards.

Then, make your reservation with the card that provides the best coverage. Credit card coverage is generally secondary insurance; Your personal vehicle policy will assume the payment of damages or theft of the vehicle.

Rental car coverage

Many car rental agencies offer you more comprehensive car rental insurance coverage, and they sell damage waivers at costs ranging from $ 15 to $ 25 a day. However, these exemptions often do not exceed the insurance you already have thanks to your favorite credit card.

Depending on where you rent the vehicle. The agency could be liable for damages to third parties or property and cover from $ 25,000 to $ 50,000.

Likewise, the rest of the expenses could leave you with a considerable invoice. To take care of, although your credit card may also give you a hand, to a certain extent.

Each and every one of the top four credit card companies offer insurance coverage for rented cars, although they vary considerably in terms of benefits and requirements.

In some cases, customers may want to purchase a comprehensive policy from the car rental company to save the process of declaring or reporting an accident to both your primary insurer and your credit card.

Do I really need rental car coverage?

It is important to keep the following in mind:

  • Most commonly, your credit card will provide you with a secondary vehicle rental policy. That is, it will only pay the cost of certain damages that your automobile policy does not cover.
  • Since you are the cardholder, to benefit from your insurance coverage. You must reserve the car that you will rent in your name and with your credit card. Simply having a credit card that offers rental car insurance is not enough.
  • Usually, to receive the rental protection benefits of your credit card. You must first reject the coverage offered by the car rental company. Later we will see what are the exceptions to this rule.
  • The content of this article applies to consumer credit cards. While many business credit cards offer rental car policies, the levels of coverage may differ substantially
  • Cards from the same company may offer varying levels of insurance coverage. Some companies do not offer any type of insurance for rented cars, while others; impose rules that do not match the standard established by the rest of the market.

To know more about the specific case of your credit card. Call your bank or consult the list of protection benefits for your geico rental car coverage.

The importance of GEICO rental car coverage

Just like when you move with your own car, there will always be the risk of having an accident or facing situations beyond your control.

In addition, as short as your stay is, it is impossible to rule out the possibility of a robbery, which makes it essential to take out insurance.

What types of GEICO rental car coverage can you buy?

In the case of rental vehicles, there are no defined policies: each company can put together its “packages” with two or more protections for a defined price or let you choose the ones you want to include.

It is up to you to decide what protections you consider necessary. Among those you will find (although the name may vary) are:

Civil liability

Remember that, by law, all vehicles traveling on highways must have basic Third Party Liability Insurance. That covers both property and people. This obligation means that some companies include insurance in the cost of their income. Or they do not let you rent it without it.

Material Damage

Also known as CDW by its English name (Collision Damage Waiver). It covers damages to the vehicle caused by a collision or overturn, whether partial or total.

Some may unify in cost the TP (Theft Protection), which protects against total theft of the vehicle resulting in the CDW-TP or LDW (Loss Damage Waiver).

Occupant medical expenses

It protects the driver and companions in the event of an accident, providing medical attention.

Deductible elimination

By hiring it, you will be exempt from paying the deductible for material damage, but not total theft.

Roadside assistance

It can cover from tire, change or repair due to mechanical failure, to locksmith shipping. (if you left the keys inside) or replacement of the keys (in case of loss).

How does a GEICO rental car coverage?

The first thing is to ignore the recommendations of the type; “a friend of my cousin has a small agency that will not ask you for so much paperwork.”

Remember that cheap offers that seem incredible are never legit. In general. They usually offer you a daily price below $ 10 for you to take the car, but when you pay at the counter.

They include multiple insurances and additional items at tripled prices making the account go up a lot and unnecessarily . So it is best to contact Geico rental car coverage.

Can anyone rent a car?

As long as you meet the requirements, you can. Latin American tourists who want to travel to the United States and rent a vehicle. There need a credit card with sufficient funds to cover the car’s guarantee deposit (it is refundable).

It must be in the name of the person who signs the contract and is listed as the main driver. Therefore, you must be over 25 years old and present your passport driver’s license in latin alphabet and round-trip tickets in order to pick up the vehicle at the counter.

It should be noted that these documents are valid only if they are still valid.

As for having to present the international driving license, it is a very frequent question among tourists.

The answer the interviewees gave us is that it will depend on the city or cities you plan to visit. In this country that varies according to each state. So you would have to validate with the corresponding traffic regulations to know if it is a requirement or not. In the case of Florida, they assure, it is not necessary to carry it.


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