Home insurance in USA

Home insurance in USA

In order to protect your property in the USA, we strongly advise you to take out home insurance. You have to do it whether you are an owner or a tenant. Indeed, this type of insurance will provide you with protection against all unforeseen damage.

What is a Home insurance?

As the name suggests, home insurance is a protection that your insurer provides you against all possible risks that may affect your home. In addition, this branch of insurance also offers you cover against material and bodily injury. Indeed, the person responsible for this damage can be either yourself, a member of your family or even your pet.

Home insurance is not compulsory in the USA. However, we strongly recommend that you purchase it if you own property in the United States. Indeed, as we have just mentioned, this insurance protects you as well against damage and loss of your accommodation as well as for legal proceedings.

In other words, home insurance in the US has two main components. The first part concerns the protection of your home against all possible risks that can damage it. In general, this type of cover has three types of protection: DP-1, DP-2 and DP-3. On the other hand, the second part of home insurance concerns “Home owners” liability. Indeed, this part offers you protection against all bodily injury or material damage that you may cause to others involuntarily.

We all know that a home is considered by the majority of us to be the major investment of our lives. For that, the least of things is to protect it against all the possible risks which can damage it.

What are the home insurance policies in the USA?

Like all conventional home insurance policies, home owners insurance in the USA covers the majority of damage that can affect your home. We cite among others: theft or burglary, glass breakage, fire or explosion, water damage, snow, floods, etc.

However, you must be vigilant. Indeed, insurers sometimes exclude certain risks depending on the state where you reside. In fact, we all know that some American states are known for specific natural disasters. Consequently, in order to reduce the risk of their portfolio, insurers tend to eliminate these risks in the states concerned. For example, in Florida, the risk of flooding or hurricane is very high. In addition, in California, the risks of earthquakes or fire are more likely to occur.

In addition, home insurance policies in the United States eliminate small standard risks such as normal wear and tear and progressive deterioration, among others.

Obviously, you can add the guarantees you want in addition for the payment of a supplement. Insurers can protect you against all the risks that you suspect. You just need to prepare your wallet.

Below, we will present to you the main guarantees of a home insurance in the USA:

  • Personal property / contents: Protection of your personal property present in the house insured;
  • other structures on your property: Protection of your garage or any other building adjoining your house;
  • Liability: Coverage of your civil liability in the event of damage caused to others;
  • Dwelling: Protection of your home in the case of a condominium;
  • Medical payments: Coverage of health costs for an injured person in your home without you being responsible for the accident in question;
  • Loss of Use: Guaranteed indemnity when you cannot use your property during a disaster.

How to find the best one?

Obviously, the price of a home insurance contract depends on the guarantees chosen. 

However, there are several key elements that have a direct impact on the cost of a US home insurance policy. Among these we cite:

  • the various risks insured by the insurance policy;
  • the level of protection (limits and deductible);
  • the asset in question and its age;
  • the main use of the property to be covered (main residence or not, rental investment, etc.);
  • the type of compensation (replacement cost or actual cash value ACV);
  • the equipment available to the property to be insured (fire or burglar alarm, etc.).

To guarantee you the best home insurance rate, we advise you to choose an online insurance comparator. By choosing to compare the different offers on the market, we guarantee the best protection for you and your home.

In other words, the online insurance comparator allows you to compare all the offers on the American market. In this way, you could choose the home insurance offer that best suits your profile and your needs. And all this without any travel on your part.

in addition, you can even take out your home insurance contract completely online. Obviously, the various insurance companies provide you with advisers who can guide you if necessary.


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