How to earn money with Google Adsense?

How to earn money with Google Adsense

Can we make money on the internet without doing anything? It’s not quite that, but almost!

The Google Adsense program is based on the principle of revenue sharing. A lot of bloggers and webmasters are making big money with this system.

In this article, we will explain how to make money with Adsense, but before that, we will introduce you how Google Adsense works.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is Google’s advertising program. In other words, it is a system that will allow bloggers and webmasters to insert advertising areas on their blogs or websites. They are paid each time a user clicks on a placed ad.

How does Google Adsense work?

After a good analysis of your site and its content, Google Adsense provides you a small computer code that must be integrated into your web pages. With this code, the high-performance robot from Google will thoroughly examine the content of all pages of your site containing this code. Then, Google will place targeted ads based on your content.

Regarding the advertisements displayed, they are linked to the Google Adwords program. This system allows various advertisers to place contextual advertising by purchasing the keywords they want. Google will share a portion of advertisers’ pay with you every time a visitor to your site clicks on an advertisement posted at your location.

How to integrate Google Adsense on your website or blog?

Google does not allow everyone to participate in its Google Adsense platform, there is a very strict regulation that you can browse on the Google site.

In order for Google to approve your content, the following rules must be followed:

  • You must have quality content that needs to be regularly updated: If you have poor content, we don’t recommend you to opt for Google Adsense before treating it. Quality content is quite lengthy (minimum 400 words per page), well written, non-duplicated and provides useful information on a specific topic or keywords.
  • It is necessary to respect the regulation of law: The content and form of your website or blog must comply with the rules of law specified by Google.
  • Your web content must be complete: Pay attention to all the links that exist on your site. They must all lead to existing and consistent pages.
  • Do not use popups: Indeed, Google does not like popups. We advise you to avoid them.

Make money with Google Adsense

In terms of the ad format, Google Adsense allows you to display text or image or a combination of both. There are more than a dozen different formats.

When you receive your computer code and you finally want to place your ads on your website, know that you can choose the position you want. And as we said above, Google will pay you a small commission each time a user clicks on one of your placed ads. The threshold to be reached to receive a check from Google is 70 euros.

Some people do not succeed in making money despite a correct number of visitors to their site. We will see why in the next paragraph.

How to optimize your Google Adsense earnings?

  1. Choose your keywords: Indeed, some keywords have a high cost per click compared to others. Google is willing to pay you more for certain keywords because the demand is high for them, and especially because advertisers have paid Google a lot for these keywords. Indeed, some sectors are willing to pay more in advertising, such as finance and insurance.
    To identify the keywords that pay the best, we recommend using tools such as Google keyworld tool, long tail pro or secockpit.
  2. Select the right pages to display the Adsense ad: Some people get misled by incorporating Adsense ads into every page of their website. It’s a serious mistake!
    Generally, on the pages where you want to sell a product or when you want your visitor to complete an affiliate form or something like this, it is strongly discouraged to place Adsense advertising to avoid losing a customer. Indeed, the gain you generate from the sale, for example, will be much larger than that gained from the click on the ad.
    Also, identify the most visited pages and focus your ads on them.
  3. Place your ads properly: You should not  abuse of Adsense. Indeed, it strongly advised against flooding his pages with Adsense ads. This will make you lose users.
    In addition, you must choose the location of your ads. Indeed, it’s better when your ad is embedded in your content. For this, it is generally advisable to place the Adsense ad right after the title or first paragraph of your article. Also, we recommend that you set the color of the ad slots, so that, they blend in with your site’s design.
  4. Perform tests: In fact, nothing and no one can dictate the best way to get the best Google Adsense earnings. That’s why you need to test several combinations of keywords, ad placement, etc. to find what works best for your website.
    I hope our advice has been helpful. You understand, you can make a nice amount of money every month via Google Adsense, but for that you must have:
    • Quality content;
    • A lot of visitors;
    • A studied strategy for Adsense ads on your website.


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