State Farm Home Insurance Review 2020

A fifth of the nation’s homeowners are depending on State Farm insurance company when it comes to insuring their homes. State Farm is a company that has gained a vast popularity and reliability across the United States with its features and services. The outstanding financial strength, extensive network of local agents, and helpful online resources make the company more convenient than others for home insurance seekers. 

However, if you have special coverage needs, the State Farm might not be the best choice for you as the options of the company for customizing basic homeowners policies are scarce. Besides, if you are looking for insurance somewhere around Alaska, New York, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, and South Dakota, you have to keep in mind that State Farm Home Insurance limits discounts for you. They may come up with higher rates if you are from these places. 

State Farm Home Home Insurance Factors to Consider

In this piece of content, we have jot down a few factors that will help you to minimize your search with State Farm Insurance Company. You should not depend on a single company while looking for homeowners insurance. Rather you should shop around and look for the best rate you can get. Compare several companies – it is the only way that enables you to get the most affordable offer. 


With State Farm Home Insurance, you get a more accurate price estimate as the online quote tool of this company asks questions thoroughly. From building materials to the percentage of carpeted flooring in your home, it asks about everything that you are about. It even asks the number of corners you have in your home. As you get asked for a lot of metrics, it helps both you and the company to narrow down a more accurate cost to repair or replace your home after you get devastated by a disaster. 

Not only that, State Farm has an entire web page that helps you to determine the value of your home. You can reference this prior to your quote process or even while going through the process. Whether you are getting the right amount of coverage or not, you get to assure that with the help of these tools. 

The cost of your home insurance does not only depend on a single factor. There are a lot of underlying factors that you need to consider when you opt for getting the best price. Factors such as location, surrounding structures or spaces, building materials, and the size of your home are quite substantial. From these factors, you can control a few but there are times when some individuals cannot control these factors. Using tools such as home inventory list or home value tool will surely help you through the journey of acquiring the best price for your home. 

Customer Experience

State Farm shines bright like a diamond when it comes to customer support or service. The position of this company in the 2019 J.D. Power Property Claims survey was close to the top with a score of four out of five. The survey was measured by the satisfaction with homeowners insurance as a whole. Overall, customers are content with State Farm’s price, policies, and agents. Moreover, when it comes to complaints registered with the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners), State farm had far fewer than the average number. 

You don’t even have to take much of a hassle to find an agent of State Farm in the US because there are 19,000 agents available all over the country. State Farm makes sure that no matter what type of help you need, be it one-on-one help or a robust online platform, State Farm is there for you. 


There are six main areas that should be covered by a potential insurance company when you opt to secure your home. These areas may include your dwelling, other structures, liability and medical payments, loss of use, and the personal belongings inside your home. State Farm makes sure that all these areas are covered without any hesitation. 

But, the tricky question comes into play when these coverages actually kick in. Technically with a HO-3 policy, you get covered in all situations, except for those that are specifically excluded. You can knock your insurance company after you face damages due to snowstorm, tornado, theft, lightning strike, and more. But, if the damage occurs due to earthquake, flooding, sinkhole, or other earth movements, you will not tap into it. 

Gathering some facts is essential to get the hang of the amount of coverage you will need over the long haul.It helps to determine the home’s value and get a detailed list of your belongings. Fortunately, State Farm comes with online tools that help you get the ins and outs of both of these things. Comparing the policies of your home becomes easier than water when you successfully determine the value of your house and its contents. 

You can compare the basic package of State Farm with other competitors such as Geico, Allstate, Progressive, etc. However, the benefits may vary wildly by the carrier. It is true that State Farm comparatively has a lot of agents but it is also true that Allstate provides better coverage options. On the other hand, if you prefer most of your communication to be electronic, you can think about Geico and Progressive as well. 

Deals and Discounts

There are a few common discounts that State Farm advertises. These home discounts may include multi-policy, home alert protection, roofing, and a high deductible. If you tend to have a fire, smoke, or burglar alarm system in your home, you can also save bucks. However, before counting on these discounts, you should consult with an agent so that you can clearly understand the discount policies. The discounts may vary from place to place. Hence, consultation is the best option. 

Financial Strength, Availability and History

Most customers have their satisfaction with the State Farm Insurance company. It has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and some of the best financial ratings or any insurance company. 

Over to You

Among tons of insurance companies across the States, State Farm should be one of the top picks as per its customer satisfactions, insurance policies, coverages, and prices. The website of the company is very helpful; and user-friendly. The online quote process, strong financial rating, and broad customer service network are something that make it stand out in the competition. However, no matter how good the company is, you should always compare a few companies side by side so that you can get the best possible price. State Farm is a great option for many, but you never know if any other company has the best policy for you with which you save up to thousands of bucks. 


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