Temporary car insurance

temporary car insurance

Sometimes, you need your car covered by an insurance but you don’t want a long time insurance. This happens when you are travelling, when you are on a business trip, or when you are using a borrowed car of a family member or a friend. For this reason, you have some choices in temporary car insurance, from 24-hour to 6-month.

24 Hour

24-hour car insurance is a temporary car insurance that usually lasts for a single day. While it doesn’t necessarily have to be just 24-hour car insurance. Temporary car insurance is for those people who need short-term insurance for their driving situation.

Generally, it is probable that your car insurance company may not offer this service of temporary car insurance, this is something that insurance companies don’t tell you .

If you need this type of temporary car insurance, You should check around for a 24-hour car insurance company.

Trying to find this type of temporary car insurance near you can be tricky. Is not about the cheapest 24-hour car insurance, is about even finding a company that offers this insurance.

What do you need to know about 24-hour car insurance

  • 24-hour car insurance generally only lasts for a day as it name implies;
  • This is not a common car insurance and companies that offer it can be expensive;
  • This 24-hour car insurance has stricts requirements by insurance companies;
  • There are some differences between 24-hour car insurance and typical car insurance policies;
  • Many scenarios make this type of temporary car insurance a necessity.

The Benefits of 24-Hour Car Insurance

The main benefit of 24-hour car insurance is that you don’t have to hire a coverage for a long time. If you only need to be covered for a short amount of time, it is recommended to pay for a 24-hour car insurance, instead of getting a conventional policy.

Thinking on 24-hour car insurance may be a new thought. But it is recommended if you want a very short time of coverage for your car.

7 days

Car insurance policies are not as flexible as we need it in terms of time coverage but there is a solution. With a 7 days car insurance policy, you will only cover your car when you really need it.

Our life is constantly changing so for many drivers the flexibilization of a temporary car policy is the best solution to get value for money and stop worrying about driving a family member’s car or a friend’s car.

You can get an online quote if you need to be covered instantly, is quick and easy

Benefits of 7 days car insurance

A 7-days car insurance policy offers you the opportunity to drive other cars for the time you need without any problem. Some of the benefits are:

  1. No on-going contract after a week: When the insurance policy ends,  that’s it. You must do anything and you don’t have to overthink about it.
  2. You get comprehensive cover all week: As standard, the whole week you will get the comprehensive cover. This means you have coverage against any fire damage, third party damage or theft to your vehicle,  you count on protection if there is any damage to the vehicle you could be driving.
  3. You are protected against no claims discount: Unlike other insurance options, temporary car  insurance is separate, a different policy which has no impact if you have an existing insurance on the vehicle already.
    This means that if you have an accident while you are driving someone else’s car, their No Claims Discount feature won’t be affected at all.
  4. It’s quick to arrange: With temporary car insurance you don’t have to wait. Once you have your details to hand it just takes minutes to acquire an online quote, and you could have your policy in place.

You can discover your temporary car insurance quote in some minutes and your coverage starts whenever you want it.


6-month car insurance policies are the basic norm for insurance companies. This policy length is commonly known as the shortest term that most insurance companies offer. unless for some reason, your insurance policy is not for mid-term. 

Most insurance companies sell 6-month car insurance policies because they can recalculate their rates in your terms and ensure that your policy is priced as it should be. In most cases, insurance companies offer 12 month policies. 

Why should I get 6-month car insurance?

The 6-month car insurance policy duration keeps things simple by most auto insurance companies. 

The risk that you pose to your insurance company can be calculated via your demographic profile and driving record. Broker should calculate this over a period of 6-months.

During this 6-month time frame, infractions such tickets or any accident won’t affect your premium stats. It will last until your next policy . 

Most of the insurance companies use 6-month policy periods and this way they recalculate your rate to account for recent citations or accidents.

Shorter policies allow insurance companies to do accurate rates for you.

How do you calculate your temporary car insurance rates?

The costs for car insurance varies on the pricing tiers and driver’s overall profile. It’s hard to provide an adjusted car insurance quote without knowing a credit score, age, driver’s history and additional details.


There are various reasons why you may need a temporary car insurance. Think clearly about it.

Imagine that you have an invitation to attend a job interview on the country’s other side. It is possible that you want to avoid annoying train services or possible, your own car is not working.

You instead ask your friend if she or he can borrow theirs for the trip.

When  you are returning home and leaving university same rules may apply, and know for a fact that your rapidly ageing Chevy spark  can take what it needs for the trip Nor is it not spacious to accommodate your stuff.

Benefits of 3-month car insurance

3-month car insurance, a temporary car insurance is necessary for anyone that is  looking to borrow someone else’s car for a 3-month period. 

Why we borrow we mean having a work colleague, having a friend or a family member offer you to use their vehicle. It can be for a short period of time or it could be more, depending on the case.

Having a borrowed car insured is necessary in case something awful happens, an accident, a third damage, a theft. Things that sometimes we cannot avoid or prevent.

For  this reason temporary car insurance is a must need when using a borrowed car.


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