Travelers Home Insurance Reviews 2020

“Travelers Insurance” is an ancient and famous insurance company that has more than 165 years of experience and reputation. This is one of the best property casualty insurers in the industry. In 1864, they started their long journey. They were the first who introduced Accident Insurance to the United States. Initially, they started with Accident Insurance, Automobile Insurance, and Liability Insurance, etc. but now they are quite popular for Home Insurance.

“Travelers Home Insurance” is one of the popular insurance companies. They offer stable insurance options, but not at the cheapest rate. They usually don’t offer much policy discounts like any other insurance company in America. But in mass analysis, Travelers Insurance ranks tremendously because of its customer service.

Travelers Home Insurance Digitalization

Travelers’ insurance now becomes more digitalized. It has its own website. Its login portal anytime from anywhere lets customers access all of their information about insurance, bill payments, claims of the track, and many more. Besides these, you can also get advice on each topic that you need.

Not the only website, but it also has its own mobile app for their service. Anyone can file a claim, pay the bills, view documents of policy, and also call options for roadside assistance if anyone needs it. This mobile app is now available on any kind of Android and iOS.

Recently they added a new feature, Voice Assistant. Anyone can manage their “Traveler” accounts with Alexa if they belong to those devices that support “Amazon’s Alexa Virtual Assistant.”

Travelers offer an extensive suite of homeowners’ insurance coverage options for both medium and top-value homes. They help to rebuild your house with Green home materials in the event of a loss.

S&P is very effective for any kind of insurance company. It was used primarily by financial investors and other market stakeholders. It is also important in measuring the long-term economic stability of any insurance agency. The S&P measure helps to grow the confidence of “Travelers”.

Travelers home insurance coverage

  • Residence coverage: Residence Coverage is the main purpose of assurance. It payouts to reconstruct or replace your residence house for improvement of loss. Covered uncertainty may add perishing items, catching fire, stealing, wrecking, and weather or natural disaster. 
  • Any Other Structures Coverage: If any natural disaster (such as earthquake or tornado) ruined separate frameworks, such as railing or hut, this assurance opportunity could assist pay in fixing or repairing them.
  • Individual Property Coverage: Individual property coverage restores your personal items, such as favorite something, are ruined or destroyed. But Travelers has limited the amount. It will pay for only such types of belongings, valuable things like ornaments, and any other precious things. Whatever, if necessary, you can purchase limited individual wealth coverage for your most valuable things.
  • Loss of use coverage: When you’re away from your home because of any disaster, costs will increase. But Travelers can assist you in repayment expenses such as bills of hotels, cost of meals, and costs of transportations. Travelers usually repay the loss of use claims up to 30% of your residence coverage limit.
  • Individual liability coverage: Travelers Individual liability coverage usually starts from $100,000, with medical payments assurance starting at $1,000. Whatever, if you want more assurance, you have to expand your limitation. This sort of assurance can save the day.

The Policy of Travelers’ standard homeowners’ never cover losses which are caused by natural disasters like storms or floods.

Advantage of Travelers Home Insurance

Travelers Home Insurance is very prominent, well – known, and remarkable in the Insurance Industries. It is the largest agency of Home Insurance among the nation.

  • This is one of the biggest Home Insurance Service Providers.
  • Because of its reputation, it won’t be able to chat with its customers.
  • It has fewer client’s objections than other insurance providers.
  • Its client’s contentment grades are higher.
  • It sends proposals to their clients for homeowner’s insurance with unique and specified offers and inclusion options. And also provides you exceptional features.
  • Its range of policy options is better than others.
  • It has modernized coverage and rate saving opportunities.
  • They provide multiple standard endorsements and assurance enhancements.
  • They provide you “Green Home Coverage” that will help you repair or replace it with green materials.
  • They provide you coverage for water backup. If anytime your home is ruined by water, as like overflows from your drain or sump pump.
  • It will provide you assurance for fraud identity. By paying up to $25,000 to rebuild the client’s identity.
  • They also provide you some discounts for Home Insurance. They are Multi-policy discount, home buyer discount, homeownership discount, safety device discount, discount for a green home, etc.

“Travelers Home Insurance Policies” usually gives plenty of exclusive recommendations to add inclusion to their desirable home insurance.

Disadvantages of Travelers Home Insurance

  • Though Travelers Home insurance has a popularity for their excellent customer service, sometimes some clients complain against them.
  • This insurance company’s rate is comparatively higher than any other insurance company.
  • They provide a few discount packages than others.
  • Some clients complained about their disappointment and dissatisfaction with the Insurance Company’s customer services. It has some weak customer service ratings.

There’s a lot of risks entangled for house owners. That’s why it is more important to select a policy that covers all of your bases at a value that doesn’t influence the banks. Travelers excel mightily in those two areas that offer a sum of healthy and cost-friendly analysis for most types of home and economic outlook. Maybe “Travelers” cover their clients and offer four adjustable and strong policy packages for their customers.

“Travelers” provides you some standard discount opportunities; you can take advantage of them. Some of them are as common as a claims-free discount, protective devices discount, and new home buyer discounts, etc. Besides these they provide some new discount offers – green home discount, this is unique and useful for a new house owner that trims 5% off according to your policy. By this, you can turn your home into certain green home building standards.

They also provide offers of multi-policy discounts which may be up to 15%. But there’s a condition, only then you can grab this offer of a discount if you have one more property insurance policy with them.

Homeowners insurance will take care of your most valuable and important economic assets. You have to be sure about your house, personal possessions, and any other valuable assets that you are insuring with an agency that would be able to pay off your claims at the right time in the event of an accident.

This is important to focus on what experts think about “Travelers Home Insurance.” Besides this, it is also essential to know what clients, consumers, and customers say about insurance service. It’s all about a ranking factor that customers review on your service. A complete satisfaction score based on how clients of their experience with insurance providers. This is very effective for growing the company’s position.

In this review, it is found that the Traveler’s standard policies will be standard. Standard policies touch all the bases – with residence, any other frameworks, and lack of use, individual liability, and individual wealth coverages – but they need the exclusive characteristics that some other agencies propose in specified packages, like restoration cost coverage. However, we’re convenient with Travelers’ specific coverages, especially the green home coverage, which gives customers a stimulus to reconstruct or rebuild their homes using environmentally friendly materials.

Customer’s Claim

 “We are protecting your house that makes it a home” is the aim of Travelers Home Insurance. The agency proposes an assortment of policy options and packages to fulfill your unique needs and gives you comfort feeling through a simple and stress-free claims process.

The customer’s experience is great, but where Travelers falls down a few notches is in claims contentment. Much has been discussed about Travelers dropping customers for filing claims. 

Submitting claims with Travelers is about as easy as it gets. One of the company website’s primary navigation tabs leads you to a claims portal where Travelers gives detailed information, steps, and comprehensive educational resources about how their claims process works. Travelers allow you to file and track your claim as well as contact emergency claims services all through their website. From the looks of it, Travelers has this part down.

Additional claims service

Travelers earned points for not outsourcing their claims to a different insurer, making the claims process less painless and convoluted. Travelers also have special catastrophe centers to contact if your home was damaged in a disaster. 

Travelers also have a subpar claims contentment score (2 out of 5) with J.D. Power which raises some red flags, the biggest indicators of home insurance client contentment are the claims experience.

Finally, we can say that Travelers Home Insurance is a trusted client’s contentment and product quality research agency. It’s a nonprofit agency focusing on marketplace belief and product quality. If anyone is looking for an individual experience of home insurance, Travelers Home Insurance will be best for them.

With several high-quality policy options at competitive rates, Travelers is a good insurance option for a range of home and personal property coverage needs.


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